My ISH with Fonts and Formatting

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Currently Reading — Blood & Beauty: A Novel of the Borgias by Sarah Dunant

Alright ladies and gentlemen! Time for another ish of mine! (Yes this is going to become a thing here at Tortie Reading Time! The ISH series!) I am a bit of a picky book buyer sometimes. I’ll usually pick up anything second hand that has a title or cover that catches my attention, take a glance at it, and then be on my merry way. However, once in a while I get a little ishie and am picky about the books.

Mainly the font. I have a serious thing about fonts, margins, and text size. Something about certain fonts and their spacing that I just have very hard to swallow. I will literally refuse to purchase a book if it’s not in the fonts that I like. Or if I buy it, I’ll buy another version of the book with formatting that is more pleasing to my eye.

I am currently having this issue because I am about to finish the current book I’m reading – just under 100 pages to go! And so I decided I want to read another Borgia historical fiction and was heartbroken when I saw that the formatting of the books I got – fonts, spacing and margins – were extremely displeasing to me. I became even more distraught when I found myself disliking the book simply because of the fact that I did not like the formatting of it . . . before I even read it! Isn’t that just awful! I won’t really judge a book by its cover but oh no! I’ll judge the quality and content of the book by its fonts and spacing!

It is completely ridiculous but I think we all have ishes that are a little on the sillier side; it can’t just be me that makes such a big deal about fonts and formatting. I personally prefer a page that is minimal on margin size and dense with font. I want to bust out my old school magnifying glass just to be able to get through the page! Otherwise the book feels wasted and like it’s wasting my time – which, as a bibliophile, is just about the worst feeling in the world!

So yes, another ish of mine. I feel like this blog is going to be full of my ishes but you know what? That’s alright. I like and accept myself for who I am. And I am a picky silly reader at times! But aren’t we all at least once in our bookish romances?

What are your reading ishes with books? What makes you put down a book or pick it up? Would love to hear from you!


The Reading Tortie


My ISH with Historical Fiction

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Currently Reading — Blood & Beauty: A Novel of the Borgias by Sarah Dunant

Hello my lovely readers! It’s been a while but I think I am going to post simply bookish stuff because bookish stuff is awesome! This post I’m writing – which you are now reading – has been heavily influenced by the book I am currently reading. It really got me thinking about quite a bit and the more I read it the more I realized I have a bit of an ‘ish’ with historical fiction. It’s not really an issue – issue is a bit too serious. This is a bit more, ‘I would rather it not be there but I can deal’. This is also me just being a spoiled, nitpicky and high maintenance reader like we all can be when it comes to our bookish preferences!

I have been reading historical fiction for some time now. It really is my bread and butter and it only now has become an issue with me – an ish. I accredit this to the fact that this is historical fiction I love. This is an era – a time –with one of my biggest historical crushes ever! Cesare Borgia!

I know a bit about the time period – Renaissance Italy – and about the characters – the Borgias.

One of my biggest ishes is a rather silly one because it is something that, as a writer, we all do by nature. It is that she chooses when to use accurate details and when to use fiction . . . I know! This seems completely ridiculous to be ishie about but still, it gets to me! Never said it really had to make sense!

I don’t quite like to see the writer and the writer’s biases bleed through the writing. I feel like the writer is almost forcing their ideologies and historical opinions on me. I end up getting defensive while I’m reading because – as ridiculous as it sounds – I feel like I’m having to defend my historical opinions and historical biases. It’s really out there and I know that is not the case but because I feel so strongly about the Borgias – Cesare specifically – I still kind of feel like I’m being attacked.

I also find it a bit of a double edged sword to know about the historical time period. It’s good because I get to know how it actually took place and I have the historical knowledge and I love it. This way I get to create and ponder about my own versions of history. I have my own favorite players and my own favorite turns of events I would have liked to see. And then comes the negative!

When I already have my own preferences and biases I expect – wrongly – for the writer I pick up to have the same fantasies I have. So when I begin to read said book, I go in with overly high spirits only to be crushed when I see that we bat for different teams. The bookish fantasies and castles in the sky I have are mercilessly set on fire and they plummet to Earth in a raging inferno. It is awful and heart breaking.

So, to put the long story short – my ish is this: why are the characters that I think should be worshipped not? Which I’m sure is a similar bookish annoyance with many people.

And to end on a high note! I think an ish that is exciting – in a kind of fun blind date kind of way – is seeing the liberties taken and not taken. History is an incomplete story – just a fact. It never tells the full tale – no matter what. It’s these moments that are always the ones most heavily debated. Always the ones that historians have theories upon theories on. I love hearing/reading the theories that others have. To read the theories and explanations is like having a front row seat to their inner machinations and logic. So many details can be deduced and character traits seen by the liberties taken with certain parts of history – even if we don’t always agree and cause me to go on a bookish rant!

What are your ishes with certain genres? Or am I alone in this? Please let me know!


The Reading Tortie